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Guarantee Program

Guarantee of Service Excellence (G.O.S.E.)

We know that our success is achieved through a strong focus on our customers and a dedication to improving our products and services. To prove our commitment to service and quality, Delta Dental has a written Guarantee of Service Excellence that promises superior service. Each guarantee is backed by a comprehensive refund policy.

Introduced in July 1995, Delta Dental of Kansas' Guarantee of Service Excellence remains the only true dental service guarantee program in the state of Kansas.


The Service The Guarantee The Refund 
Cost Savings We guarantee a minimum 5% claims savings over the course of each contract year. These savings result from cost management features contained in our contracts with participating dentists. Monetary credit given to the group equal to the difference between 5% and the lesser amount actually saved.
Exceptional Customer
We guarantee that any telephone inquiry which cannot be answered immediately will receive a follow-up call before the close of the following business day. The group will be reimbursed $50 per service failure.
Quick Processing of Claims We guarantee that, over the course of each contact year, 90% of all claims will be processed within 15 calendar days of receipt of a complete and accurate claim form, and the claims will be processed accurately. The administrative fee charged for the group's last month of service of such contract year.
We guarantee a smooth conversion/implementation for all new groups, as defined by the group. The criteria for the group's successful enrollment is mutually determined by the group and Delta Dental. The administrative fee charged for the group's second month of service of such contract year.
No Balance Billing We guarantee no balance billing of patients by participating dentists. Patients who receive treatment for covered services from a participating Kansas dentist will not be inappropriately billed. The group will be reimbursed $50 per documented occurrence.

Not applicable to all groups