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Employer/Employees Have a Choice
In the State of Kansas, in 2017, employers can now offer their employees one plan, or the ability to choose from multiple plans. Employees may also choose to purchase health insurance, dental insurance or both. Employers may also choose how much to pay towards an employee’s premiums, and whether to offer coverage to their dependents. Employers are also free to choose how long the initial enrollment period is and how long of a waiting period to apply to employees.

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit (SBHCTC)
If an employer covers at least 50% of the cost of the employee-only health care coverage for each of their employees, has fewer than 25 FTEs with an average salary of $50,000 or less, and purchases their insurance coverage through SHOP, the employer may qualify for a tax credit. The tax credit available to the employee is worth up to 50% of the employer’s contribution toward their employees’ premium costs (or up to 35% for tax-exempt employers). An employer may qualify for a higher tax credit if the company has fewer than 10 employees who are paid an average of $25,000 or less. Click here to access the Tax Credit Estimator.

 Also New for 2017...

  • Employers may now see a breakdown of their premium costs by each employee and dependent (if applicable), instead of seeing only the total monthly premium.
  • Once an agent or broker completes a registration to offer plans on the marketplace, they can immediately enroll employers in SHOP Marketplace plans. For agents and brokers, this means they can start selling faster. For employers, you'll have more SHOP-registered agents and brokers to choose from in the employer's area more quickly.

Enrollment for 2017
Employers must renew their plans each year, they do not renew automatically. Employers can renew themselves or with the assistance of an agent or broker who is currently registered to assist with plans on the Marketplace. If an employer renews with the same plans, rates and/or premiums may have changed. During the enrollment process, employers will be able to view the new plan rates. Employers have the ability to change the following during renewal:

  • The plan, insurance company, or plan category
  • The amount of premium the employer wants to pay for each employee
  • Whether to offer coverage to dependents
  • Whether to offer employees a choice of plans
  • Whether to offer dental coverage
  • Whether to offer, or contribute to a Health Savings Account

Minimum Participation Rates (MPR)
In the State of Kansas, if an employer wants to participate in the SHOP Marketplace, 70% of its eligible employees must enroll in the plan(s) that are offered by the employer. If an employer does not meet this level of participation, employers may still offer plans in the SHOP Marketplace, but only from November 15 through December 15. Click here to determine whether the number of employees meets the SHOP MPR. For more information on MPR, visit

Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS) Plans
All FF-SHOP dental renewals will continue to be handled online at Employers can renew their SHOP coverage as soon as plan information becomes available for the quarter their plan year ends.

Please contact the SHOP call center with any questions:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
TTY users should dial 711 once you have reached the call center to speak with a call center representative.

2017 SHOP plan rates will be in effect for all groups with a 2017 effective date.

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Please click on the tab below to view plan options available. These plans are available on



The 2017 SHOP plan rates will effective for all groups with a 2017 effective date beginning January 1, 2017.