Our Member Explanation of Benefits Got a Makeover

July 02, 2020

We want to make sure we are communicating to your patients about dental benefits in a way that is easy to understand. As part of this effort, we have completely revamped our Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to a more member-friendly format with easy-to-understand terms and language. Some key updates:

  • A high level call-out section that will quickly tell the member what is being paid by their dental plan and what their share of the cost is.

  • Links for patients to have easy access to all information related to their dental benefits plan including exclusions and limitations.

  • A simplified claim detail chart.

  • An added benefit summary section letting the member know how much of their deductible and annual maximum they have used to date.

  • A clear call-out at the bottom of the page letting the member know how much of their Benefit Period Annual Maximum they have remaining to use.

  • On the back of the new EOB, we’ve added helpful definitions, explanations of appeal rights in plain language, and more.

Next up, we will be updating the Explanation of Payments (EOPs) that are mailed to dental offices with checks.

What did our EOB used to look like? You can view an example of our old EOB here.

View New EOB Example