2020 End of Year Updates

Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS) Participating Dentist Handbook

The Dentist Handbook is an extension of the Participating Dentist Agreement. This document is designed to provide important information related to the general processing policies and guidelines for all ADA CDT procedure codes, along with other helpful information such as definitions, submitting claims, appeals and using electronic services.

The 2021 Dentist Handbook will be available online shortly. To access, log in to your dentist account at DeltaDentalKS.com/Dentist and click on the Documents & Dentist Handbook section.

Delta Dental PPOTM Fee Schedule

Delta Dental of Kansas wishes to thank you for your continued participation in our Delta Dental Premier and/or Delta Dental PPO networks.

Please consider this an official notification that the 2021 Delta Dental PPO Fee Schedule will be available online by December 20, 2020. To access the schedule, log in to your dentist account at DeltaDentalKS.com/Dentist and click on the Documents & Dentist Handbook section. You may also access your Detailed Dentist Snapshot (DDS Report) in the reporting section of the Kansas Provider Toolkit.

Delta Dental's PPO Program is an optional network for Participating Dentists who sign a supplemental agreement. Contact your local Professional Relations Representative if you would like to participate in and/or learn more about the PPO Network or send an email requesting information to pr@deltadentalks.com.

Click here to log in to your Dentist Account to view the 2021 PPO Fee Schedule

CDT Code Additions, Revisions & Deletions

The American Dental Association has published the new procedure codes for 2021. Changes include: 28 new codes, 4 deleted codes, 7 revisions and 22 editorial actions that clarify without changing the CDT code entry's purpose or scope.

To order the 2021 CDT code book, visit adacatalog.org or contact the ADA at 800.947.4746.

Click here to download the list of 2021 Procedure Code Changes flyer

Delta Dental Individual & Family Dental Plans - 2021 Plan Updates

2021 brochures for our individual and family plans have been mailed out to all participating dental offices. These updated brochures have the rates for 2021. Please use the 2021 brochures and discard the old brochures.

To order more brochures, please contact pr@deltadentalks.com.

Click here for more information on DDKS' Individual and Family plans