April 29, 2021

Delta Dental of Kansas Selected Nationally as Company of the Year

Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS) is honored to be selected nationally as Company of the Year for Insurance by the American Business Awards. This award recognizes the unique and significant achievements of the entire organization as they compare to other companies and industries across the United States.

“This award would not be possible without the efforts of our employees who work hard every day to deliver outstanding results and provide great service and the support of our Board of Directors,” said Dean Newton, President & CEO of Delta Dental of Kansas.

DDKS’ ability to adapt, innovate, and engage stakeholders sets DDKS apart from others in our industry. DDKS believes that employee input drives innovation and success. Through employee surveys and continuous feedback, DDKS’ four strategic pillars were created. DDKS surveyed staff to identify areas to improve service and create efficiencies. DDKS used those ideas to launch cross-functional Innovation Teams

The American Business Awards are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program and recognize high-achieving companies and executives around the world.


About Delta Dental of Kansas

Delta Dental of Kansas' mission is to expand healthcare access for everyone by offering affordable, consumer-focused benefits, reduced healthcare costs and exceptional service to employers and individuals. Our focus has led to an industry-leading 98%+ satisfaction rating among consumers, employers and brokers as measured by an independent third party.

The foundation of our success is our incredible employees who work hard every day to provide exceptional service to our stakeholders. We strive to provide a positive company culture through employee empowerment, transparent communication, encouraged collaboration, a focus on overall wellbeing, and connection opportunities. We have been recognized nationally and locally as a Best Places to Work, as National Company of the Year for insurance, as a No. 1 Healthiest Employer and Innovative Company of the Year.

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