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At Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS), we take pride in our best-in-class service standards. We don’t just make the benefits easy for our members, we make it easy for you as well. When you choose Delta Dental of Kansas, you choose best-in-class customer service and hassle-free benefit administration for you and your employees. 

Group Dental Benefits Plans

We offer group dental plans for large and small businesses that utilize two robust networks: Delta Dental Premier® and Delta Dental PPOTM. Plans can be designed to be 100% employer paid, a shared cost between employer and employee, or 100% employee paid. We offer both fully insured and administrative services contract plans. We will work with you to find the plan that best fits your business.

We understand that you want a dentist network and coverage options that your employees can rely on. Both of our networks offer nationwide coverage. 

Delta Dental PPO

Our network with the highest potential savings. Dentists in the PPO network agree to deeper discounts on their fees for services than those in the Premier network. Over 66% of dentists in Kansas, and 54% nationwide participate in the PPO network.

Delta Dental Premier

Our largest network. Over 95% of dentists in Kansas and 80% nationwide participate in the Premier network, making it easy for your employees to find an in-network dentist wherever they are. 

Find dentists near you. You can toggle between networks to view access points for each network.

Reach out to the Delta Dental of Kansas Sales team to learn more about the best plan options for you and your employees or fill out the Request for Proposal form below.

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Why Choose Delta Dental of Kansas?


High Network Utilization

We have an average network utilization rate of more than 94% nationally and an average of 98% in Kansas for our combined PPO & Premier networks. When more than 95% of dentists in Kansas participate with Delta Dental, it’s easy to stay in-network.

Direct Network Approach

We don’t lease our networks — but why does that matter? We don’t rent from, or to, anyone else. Our dentists are recruited directly by Delta Dental staff. We have direct contact with our providers and have processing policies that do not vary according to individual providers. We don’t negotiate individually with a provider for a higher fee, meaning fee stability for members, allowing them to visit any dentist in their network without having to shop around. Some networks allow individual negotiation, leading to inconsistencies in fees and policies that may not be disclosed which leads to confusion for members. We also require that any charges exceeding the agreed upon discounted fee that the dentist can charge our members on any contractually covered service be written off by the dentist, not allowing our members to be balance billed.

Network Integrity

At DDKS, we take great steps to ensure the validity, integrity and credibility of our network numbers — allowing us to give groups and enrollees a fair and accurate assessment of the access to dental care our network provides. We will always report unique individual dentists. Our local staff members foster relationships directly with dentists. When dentists retire, reduce their workloads to fewer office locations or otherwise change their network status, we adjust our network numbers accordingly. A trusted third party resource compiles participating provider data and analyzes it objectively.

Local Service

Our account management team offers local and reliable service by people who live and work in Kansas. DDKS has offices in Wichita, KS, and Leawood, KS.

Easy to Use

We make it easy for you and your employees to access the information you need when you need it through our online accounts and member-specific mobile app. Through the employer account, you can view employees’ eligibility and benefits, print ID cards, download enrollment forms, retrieve monthly bills, view and update enrollment information and more. Through the member account, members can look up their coverage and claims, print ID cards, review their plan details and more.

We Give Back

As a not-for-profit corporation, we strive to advance oral health care, dental health and access to care. Over the past decade, we have given over $10 million back to nonprofit organizations, schools and clinics, supporting oral health initiatives that have a significant impact. Learn more about our community benefit initiatives.