Applying for Grants

Does Delta Dental of Kansas have a grant cycle?

Delta Dental of Kansas announced funding focus changes for 2019. 

The Delta Dental of Kansas Charitable Giving Committee of the Board and our staff have been holistically reviewing our charitable giving program. 

Delta Dental of Kansas will not be holding an open grant cycle for 2019. Our process for the donation of Smile Kits (toothbrush kits) will remain as it currently stands, however please bear in mind we will not be awarding Oral Health Grants in 2019.

We have chosen to focus our areas of impact on funding direct care/access, education/prevention and workforce training. Our Board and staff have identified organizations we will be partnering with in 2019. 

Applying for Smile Kits

I applied for Smile Kits. When will I know if my request was approved?

You will be notified via email within one week if your request was approved.

How can I get Smile Kits after I apply?

We ask that requests for Smile Kits be submitted at least four weeks before kits are needed. Donations are granted based on availability at the time of request, at the sole discretion of Delta Dental of Kansas.

How often can I apply for Smile Kits?

Each organization can apply for Smile Kits once every 12 months.

Matching Gift Program for Dentists

I am a participating dentist. How do I submit a matching gift request?

Complete the Matching Gift Application. Send your application along with your donation tax receipt to DDKS Community Benefit by: 

Email — corpcomm@deltadentalks.com 

Mail — 1619 N Waterfront Pkwy, P.O. Box 789769, Wichita, KS 67278-9769 

Fax — 316-462-3372

I am a participating dentist. Will DDKS match my donation to any non-profit?

Delta Dental of Kansas matches gifts to any non-profit charitable health care, education, civic or cultural organization provided it is located in Kansas and recognized as a tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3). Please see more information on eligible organizations in the DDKS Matching Gift application.

Who can take advantage of DDKS’ matching gift program?

Delta Dental of Kansas participating dentists can use our matching gift program. Participating dentists’ approved charity donations may be matched up to $100.