Breaking Bad Habits: Teeth Are Not Tools

Everyone has done it at one time or another. You’re away from your scissors and you need something to cut with. Why not use your pearly whites? Well, we’ll tell you why it’s time to break those bad habits.

The enamel on your teeth is one of the hardest substances in your body. But that doesn’t mean you should use it as your own personal Swiss Army knife. We’ve heard of people doing wild things with their teeth. This includes biting off price tags, ripping open containers, chomping off pieces of tape, or even opening bottles!

Crazy, right? 

Your tooth enamel is a protective coating in place to protect the tools you need to eat food. And while enamel may be tough, your teeth are not abuse-resistant. They can crack and break just like anything else. Tooth damage is painful, so don’t put your smile at risk.

Be kind to your pearly whites! Use them for chewing and speaking, not as power tools! Here are some ways to start breaking bad habits:

Stop Chewing Ice

It’s easy to do, especially when it’s hot outside and you’re thirsting for every last drop of your icy beverage. If you feel like you need the water, opt for a glass instead of chowing down on that hard ice. Save yourself some irreparable damage to your teeth.

No More Cutting. Teeth are Not Scissors.

Avoid actually using your teeth to cut or pull on anything, like tape, bags of chips, fishing line, or even shopping tags. This can wear your enamel down unnecessarily, which could lead to cavities, sensitivity to temperatures, and worse. Opt for actual tools instead and save yourself the pain and financial misery that comes with oral health damage.

Don’t Be a Show Off — Don’t try to pop off a bottle cap with your teeth. Not only can the cap cut you somewhere on your face or neck, but you may break something important.

Your teeth should be used for three tasks:

  • cutting and chewing food,
  • helping you pronounce words,
  • and smiling.

They’re definitely not supposed to do all of the other things we ask of them daily.

Chips and cracks on your teeth can be very painful and may lead to permanent damage or even extraction! For some people, chewing on objects like pencils or fingernails is a hard-to-break habit. However, you can stop. It just takes patience and practice.

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