Choose these Cheeses for Your Smile

“Say cheese!”

Everyone does it before taking a photo, but what’s the reasoning behind the common phrase?

Well the word cheese causes people to make a smile-like shape with their mouth, but there’s another more delicious reason: cheeses are good for your teeth!

Ok, not all cheeses work wonders for your smile, but the delectable food is a natural source of calcium, which is vital to healthy teeth. Cheese also makes you salivate, and saliva helps protect against gum disease and tooth decay.

Here are the healthiest cheeses for your smile, as well as a few you should enjoy in moderation:

Aged cheeses are a smart snack choice. Featuring a semi-soft texture, aged cheeses lower the likelihood of tooth decay by cutting the acidity of your saliva. Wondering which aged cheese to slice? Monterrey is a jack-of-all-trades and cheddar is always a sharp selection.

Bacterial cheeses, such as blue cheese and brie, are healthy standouts that break the mold. These cheeses are good for your dental health and contain probiotics, beneficial bacteria that can help your immune and digestive systems.

Anything processed is “nacho” best cheese choice. Most processed foods, including cheeses, contain added sugar. When you regularly eat sugar-filled foods, tooth enamel can dissolve, thus increasing your risk for cavities. Always check your labels! Even if the cheese doesn’t taste sweet, it still might contain sugar.