Ease into Retirement with Individual Dental Coverage

Retirement is a time to relax and return to the hobbies and skills that make you happy. While exploring new interests, we should be keeping our bodies and smiles healthy too. One aspect of retirement that you may not have considered is losing employer-sponsored dental benefits. You’ve maintained a healthy smile for years - just because you’re retiring doesn’t mean you need to retire your oral health! So what options are out there for when dental benefits through an employer are no longer an option?

Most Americans lose dental coverage after retirement. Many Americans defer to Medicare for their health coverage in retirement. But, basic Medicare only covers dental procedures if you need an oral exam in the hospital. Even then, there are further stipulations.

Plan for a Healthy Retirement with Individual Dental Coverage from Delta Dental

If you’re looking for the coverage that will closely match what you previously received from your employer, check out our individual and family dental plans. We offer affordable dental benefits directly to individuals who are looking for dental coverage outside of an employer. If you want to continue maintaining your oral health, individual dental plans will give you access to a large network of dentists and the coverage you need for a healthy smile. Coverage from Delta Dental makes getting into the dentist easy. Click here to find a dentist in your area today.

Oral health is increasingly important as we age because our mouths change as we get older, and they always require preventive care. Tooth loss is preventable as we age - tooth decay causes tooth loss, not old age - and tooth decay is 100% preventable! That means keeping your teeth is possible as long as you’re maintaining the proper oral health care routine with your dentist.

About a quarter of adults 65 and older haven’t seen the dentist in the past five years. That means they’re missing valuable cleanings and oral health exams. Dentist appointments allow a trained professional to ensure problems like oral cancer or tooth decay aren’t developing.

Oral health is impacted by a variety of factors, so staying on top of a healthy smile will ensure you’re not in for any surprises. 

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