Guide to Pre-treatment Estimates

So your dentist says you need some work done, but you’re worried about the cost and what’s covered. Is there a solution to take the guesswork out of the fees?

Of course there is. Pre-treatment dental estimates, or Pre-determinations, do just that.

These dental estimates are created and submitted by your dentist and allow your benefits provider time to review what your dental plan will cover before the work starts. Pre-treatment dental estimates also provide you with a blueprint to properly budget for your procedure.

Reasons to get a pre-treatment dental estimate:

  • You’re planning to have extensive dental work such as crowns, wisdom teeth extractions, bridges, dentures or periodontal surgery.
  • To see if a procedure is covered under your dental plan.
  • To see if you’re going to exceed your annual maximum allowance.

Before you schedule any extensive dental treatment, ask your dentist for a detailed cost estimate and wait for your benefits provider to send out a final dental estimate.

That way you’ll know:

  • How much your plan will pay toward treatment.
  • Your out-of-pocket financial responsibility.
  • The amount remaining toward your deductible (if applicable).
  • How close you are to your benefit maximum.

Depending on your specific dental plan, some procedures may require a pre-treatment estimate/pre-determination. If you’re a Delta Dental of Kansas member, log in to your account online or contact us to get more details on your plan.