LifeSmile Score: Assess Your Risk for Oral & Dental Diseases

Even while practicing the recommended brushing and flossing routine and visiting the dentist the recommended twice per year, some people still suffer from dental health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one in four adults in the Unites States has untreated tooth decay, or cavities. 46 percent of adults over 30 are showing signs of gum disease. Older adults are also affected by oral health problems. Around two out of three adults over 65 years of age has gum disease. The median age of oral cancer at diagnosis is 62. The statistics help us see how important it is to utilize all the ways to improve your dental health.

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your dental health, learn more about your individual needs right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer with LifeSmile Score. Through a partnership with PreViser Corp., Delta Dental launched the LifeSmile Score assessment tool. This tool was created to help you make a personal connection between your oral and overall health.

Check My LifeSmile Score

By taking a few minutes to answer questions about current brushing and lifestyle habits, you will receive an oral health score that tells you exactly what your risk for tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer are. More resources are provided, too, on how you can reduce your risk of having poor dental health. You can also print out the results and discuss them with your dentist.