How Your Dental Benefits Can Save Trees

Every year, Americans use more than 90 million short tons of paper, which breaks down to an average of 700 pounds of paper products per person. We love green at Delta Dental, and not just because it’s our brand color. Going green is good for the planet! 

Here’s how you can use our online dental benefit services: 
  • Sign up for an online member account. Everything you currently receive on paper, like your explanation of benefits (EOBs), is accessible online. To sign up to receive your EOBs online, follow these easy directions.

  • Download our mobile app. You can use the app to find a dentist, access a recent claim, or use our toothbrush timer. You don’t even need a printed ID card because everything is on your device! Check it out here: App Store or Google Play

Benefits of going digital:
  • A digital database is easier to manage than a mess of paper. You can access everything you need, from ID cards and eligibility info to EOBs. That’s a lot of clutter that won’t pile up in your house. 
  • Bonus: email alerts are faster than waiting for the mail. 


Ready to take the paperless plunge and go digital? Sign up for an online member account today!