Consultants Corner: All On Four® Restorations

August 31, 2023
All-on-4® procedures have revolutionized the restoration of severely compromised and/or hopeless dentition. This article lays out a suggested process and coverage criteria for many of the procedure codes used in an All-on-4® process. 

Consultant’s Corner: Nightguards vs TMJ Splints

September 28, 2021
Although you might have heard the terms splint and nightguard used interchangeably in the past, they do not always mean the same thing. Each type of splint is designed for a specific purpose and serves a different function as outlined below:

Consultants Corner: Core Buildups - A Review

October 23, 2020
In situations when a tooth does not have sufficient remaining tooth structure to support the planned restoration, the anatomical crown may need to be "built up" using a restorative material foundation.