Attachment requirements streamlined

May 04, 2021
Delta Dental of Kansas is committed to making your claim submission experience as smooth as possible by limiting the amount of requests for attachments.

Need to Submit an Appeal?

May 04, 2021
Did you know that Delta Dental of Kansas offers an easy way for providers to file a formal appeal related to an adverse benefit determination online?

Coordination of Benefits

July 02, 2020
When a patient has dual dental insurance coverage, the two insurance companies will, in most cases, “coordinate benefits” for the patient – this process is called Coordination of Benefits.

Dental Claim Submission Tips

July 01, 2019
The ADA recently updated their dental claim form. You can find a copy of the updated form on the Forms page by selecting the button below, or by logging in to your dentist account and visiting the Documents and Dentist Handbook section.