Coordination of Benefits

Does your patient have dual dental insurance coverage?  

When a patient has dual dental insurance coverage, the two insurance companies will, in most cases, “coordinate benefits” for the patient – this process is called Coordination of Benefits. In order for Delta Dental of Kansas to coordinate benefits with another insurance company, the patient must complete our Dual Coverage Information Request form located here so that we know what other insurance company we need to work with, and which plan will pay first/second. 

How does it work? 

When a patient is covered by more than one dental plan, one plan will pay first (the primary plan), and one plan will pay second (the secondary plan). Here are some general rules about which plan is primary/secondary: 

  • In Kansas, the patient’s plan through his or her employment is generally primary.
  • For dependent children, the “birthday rule” is used when the parents are married or living together. This means that the dental plan covering the parent whose birthday (month and day) occurs earlier in the calendar year will be the primary plan – and the plan covering the parent whose birthday falls later in the year will be the secondary plan.

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