DDKS Claims FAQs

If you have questions about a specific claim, DDKS offers Claims Consultations, an easy way to connect with a dental consultant. You also have a dedicated Professional Relations Representative to assist you with processing policies. If you have questions about claims submission or processing, please contact customer service at 800-733-5823 or your Professional Relations Representative.

What do I do when I receive a request for more information to process a claim?

To expedite the process, please submit a new claim along with the missing documentation (i.e. radiographs, perio charting, chart notes, etc.). You can submit your new claim with additional information through your online dentist account.

Where can I find the Delta Dental National Processing Policies?

You will find the Delta Dental National Processing Policies in your Dentist Handbook. Your Dentist Handbook is easily accessible 24/7 by logging in to your online Dentist Account.

Please note that processing policies are not established by DDKS. Our processing policies are established at the national level by the Dentist Policy Committee composed of 70% dentists and also chaired by a dentist. As a franchise member of the national Delta system, DDKS is required to follow all national processing policies established by the Dentist Policy Committee.