Provider Innovation Spotlight: Improving Oral Health for Kansans

Innovation Spotlight:

Improving Oral Health for Kansans

-Emphasizing the Importance of Consistent Preventive Care
- Encouraging Regular Visits to the Dentist

Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS) is organized under federal law to benefit Kansans and the public. We take our civic responsibility to benefit Kansans very seriously and strive to improve the oral health of Kansans and the communities we serve. People with dental insurance are more likely to visit the dentist regularly and DDKS works hard every day to improve oral health for Kansans. We recently introduced the LifeSmile Dental Wellness Program which complements our ongoing efforts to increase dentist visits and encourage Kansans to consistently visit the dentist to improve oral health.

Encouraging Kansans To Visit The Dentist: DDKS Communicates with our enrollees about the importance of making dental care a priority through emails, postcards and custom websites. Our targeted outreach emphasizes the importance of healthy habits and preventive care, encourages regular dentist visits and highlights that their dental insurance plan covers 100% of preventive care at the dentist. We also share how oral health is connected to overall health and how it is so important to make dental care a priority to live healthier.

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Working with Kansas Employers To Increase Dentist Visits: DDKS regularly meets with our Kansas employer clients to review the dental care and wellness metrics of their employee population. Our reports include cost analysis and health insights showing the importance of preventive care for their employees. This unique view into the employee population allows DDKS and Kansas employers to cooperatively work together to improve oral health and increase dentist visits through employee communication. For example, if an employer client has a significant population of employees that hasn’t visited the dentist in the past year, DDKS reaches out directly to each of those individuals to remind them of their benefits and encourage them to visit the dentist. We also partner with our employers to provide educational wellness content and materials to communicate the importance of visiting the dentist to improve oral and overall health.

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Empowering Consumers To Focus On Oral Health: DDKS has also enhanced our digital and technology solutions to empower our enrollees to focus on their oral health through our LifeSmile Dental Wellness Program. Our LifeSmile program provides mobile and website access to resources such as cleanings tracking, cleaning reminders, oral health risk assessments and access to dental health information to promote preventive care and dental office visits.

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Enhanced Dental Benefit Programs To Improve Oral Health: DDKS offered enhanced dental benefit programs to Kansans and Kansas employers at our cost to improve oral health care for Kansans. For example, we introduced at our cost the Right Start 4 Kids Program which provides children 12 and under with 100% coverage for all covered services under their plan (excluding orthodontics). We also introduced at our cost the Unlimited Cleanings Program which provides unlimited regular and periodontal cleanings to enrollees. As another example, with our Preventive Plus Program diagnostic and preventive care dental services do not count towards the annual maximum. We are excited that so many Kansans and Kansas employers have been able to take advantage of these enhanced benefit programs.

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